Two Weeks of Updates

New Features, Modifications, and More for Our dApp

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3 min readAug 23, 2022

It’s been two weeks since our last changelog update, and we’ve made much progress. We’ve implemented new features, modifications, and more for our dApp and white label solutions. In this document, we’ll go over everything that’s changed in the past two weeks. We hope you enjoy reading it and take advantage of the new features like the product trade history!

August 6th — 13th

  • New Token Chart Component — August 6th

The improvements made to the token chart during the development of the Whitelabel have been ported over to the dApp.

  • Product Trade History — August 13th

An early version of our product trade history table was completed. Users can now view SW DAO products' trades over time.

  • New Token Exchange Component — August 13th

The improvements made to the buy/sell component during the development of the Whitelabel have been ported over to the dApp. Trading products on the dApp is now a much smoother experience, and many of the bugs persistent in the old system have been resolved. The fixed bugs include sporadic transaction failures, occasional poor gas estimation, and the inability to buy certain products in unusual market conditions.

  • Many Fixes & Tweaks

Many small changes and additions were made to the dApp this week that can be viewed on the extended changelog.

August 14th — 20th

  • Initial Work on SW DAO Bonds — August 15th

The partially-complete work for the bonds page was ported into the dApp codebase.

  • SW DAO Bonds Launched — August 16th — 19th

Bond functionality was completed and launched with the page cleaned up and fully integrated into the dApp. Further work took place in the following days to add features and improve the user experience.

  • Preparation for Further Whitelabel Development — August 20th

After taking delivery from our third-party devs, the final round of work has begun on our Whitelabel software suite.

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