SWIP-05 Polls Have Closed

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The Results

100% of the 67 governance members representing 76,000 SWD tokens voted “Yes” approving of all three-in-one changes. This change will shift a significant portion of SW DAO activity like the dividend to Polygon, clean up the DAO Treasury Balance Sheet, and optimize the DAO Treasury Balance Sheet.

Discussion On SWIP-05

Some community members suggested increasing SW DAO product allocation on the balance sheet in favor of Ethereum. Every community member agreed without argument that moving to Polygon is the right decision, specifically due to the lower fees.

Moving Forward

The monthly USDC dividend will be airdropped solely via the Polygon network beginning on March 1st. February 1st will be a hybrid Layer 1/Layer 2 dividend airdrop acting as a grace period for non-bridged token holders. The dividend multiplier will be unaffected by all who bridge to Polygon.

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