SW DAO’s Bonds Program

Sell SWX Tokens for a Fixed Yield Over 2 Years

SW DAO Bonds

SW DAO Bonds are the perfect investment for consistent, reliable income. By locking up and selling your SW Index (SWX) tokens to the DAO, you can earn a yield on your investment for two years. With SW DAO Bonds, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your money is consistently earning a fixed income.

How SW Bonds Work

SW DAO bonds offer a simple and transparent way to earn a yield on your crypto investments.

How to Purchase Bonds

Purchasing bonds through the SW DAO platform is a simple and efficient process. First, you will need to purchase SWX Tokens through the dApp. This can be done in the traditional conversion format.

Step 1 — Head to the Bonds Page.

The current bond page modal.

Step 2 — Click “Deposit SWX” and enter your desired amount.

The current deposit modal.

Step 3— Permit to access your SWX.

Metamask SWX access permission.

Step 4— Confirm the deposit transaction.

Metamask transaction confirmation.

Step 5 — Sit back and enjoy the yield!

Successful bonds deposit confirmation.

Claiming Your Yield

The process of claiming your yield on SWD is straightforward. To begin, just click the “Claim SWD” button. Then, confirm the withdrawal in your wallet, and finally, sit back and wait for the smart contracts to process your withdrawal. You will see the transaction confirmation first, followed by an updated “available to withdrawal” panel once the balance update has been reflected on-chain.

Step 1 — Click on “Claim SWD”.

SWD Bond Issuer modal.

Step 2— Confirm the withdrawal transaction.

Withdraw yield confirmation in Metamask.

Step 3— Wait until the transaction is reflected on-chain ( < 30 seconds), and then check your wallet for the new SWD deposit.

Yield claimed successfully.

Where is the yield coming from?

The interest earned on SW DAO bonds comes from the 6% of our tokenomics initially dedicated to Liquidity Mining. These 60,000 SWD tokens are being refashioned for their original purpose, just with a new name.

Who are SW Bonds right for?

If you are looking for a dependable way to earn a yield on your capital outlay, then SW DAO bonds are perfect. With guaranteed capital outlay and a fixed yield, these bonds offer a great way to earn SWD tokens without purchasing them directly on the open market.

Why are we issuing bonds?

Bond issuance offers a reliable way for SW DAO to deepen liquidity depth on DEXs. The idea behind bond issuance is that participants are incentivized to provide liquidity for a more extended period, with less market selling expected to occur as soon as the liquidity mining program ends. This model also enables SW DAO to increase product TVL simultaneously.

About SW Index

SW Index is a tokenized index built on the Balancer protocol that holds SWD, USDC, Quantum Momentum Ethereum, and SW Yield Fund. The SWX token is the core asset used for liquidity provisions of the SWD token and is the asset used in bond sales. This token provides the best products that SW DAO has to offer, all wrapped up in a single product.

  • 50% SWD Token
  • 20% USDC
  • 15% Quantum Momentum Ethereum
  • 15% SW Yield Fund

Upcoming Design Modifications

The next four weeks are going to be big for our bond page. We're redesigning the whole thing from top to bottom, and when we’re done, you’ll be able to do things like swap any asset into bonds, view your estimated yield earnings on an interactive calculator, and see the yield and recent transactions in an easy-to-understand format.

The current wireframe of the new bond page.

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