SW DAO 6-Week Roadmap

What to Expect in the Next Six Weeks

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7 min readJul 28, 2022

In the next six weeks, you can expect to see some new features and enhancements from the SW DAO team. We have outlined our development roadmap for the next few weeks, and we want to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect. Our goal is to make it simple for investors to understand the risk levels of products, see when products are in trades, and get notifications on their desktops.

These additions are all the precursor to our focus on deepening our Robo-advisor layer, including a portfolio builder tool that recommends products based on the investor’s personal goals. Stay tuned for more updates on that in the coming weeks!

White Label Completion — August 1st

Our white label investment platform is nearly complete, and we’re excited to begin offering it to new clients. We’re currently in discussions with five potential clients, and we’ll follow up with them once we have a demonstrable product for them to review. Our white label will continue to evolve alongside our dApp, so there will be continuous updates to our services beyond just the platform we deliver on August 1st. We’re confident that our white label will provide a valuable service to our clients, and we look forward to expanding our reach through this new product.

Risk Level Integration — August 7th

Risk tolerance is critical when deciding which structured products to invest in. Some trading strategies are riskier and can result in more significant drawdowns, but they also have the potential for greater rewards. If you can stomach a considerable drawdown, you may be able to reap the benefits of a more aggressive strategy. However, if you’re risk-averse, you may want to stick with a slower-moving strategy with less potential for losses. Highlighting risk levels on our product pages and landing page table will help emphasize this critical consideration for investors. Risk management will be an even greater focus with our upcoming launch of a Robo-advisor product, so understanding your risk tolerance is essential.

Bond Completion — August 15th

Our developers spent several weeks working on the smart contracts required to launch bonds, but because an opportunity opened up, they pivoted and focused on developing the White Label platform. Once the White Label is completed on August 1st, we can shift our focus back to bonds for one week. The Bond launch only requires the creation of a liquidity pool Arbitrage bot to keep token pricing consistent between Uniswap and Balancer pool as we transition capital from Uniswap to Balancer. This should mean that SWD token holders may be able to expect SWD token to be a balancer pool product with bond issuance by the middle of August.

Add Max Exchange Option — August 15th

At SW DAO, we always look for ways to improve the user experience. One area we have identified is the lack of a “max” exchange option when purchasing a TokenSet product. Currently, our dApp only allows users to specify the amount of a product they want to buy without indicating how many tokens they will spend in return. This can be confusing and frustrating for users, so we are working on a modification that will provide this information directly in the dApp. We believe this will make calculating desired exchanges much easier for the end user and result in a better overall experience.

MATIC Comparison — August 15th

We must compare our products against their relevant benchmarks to understand the performance of our products. We offer product comparisons for BTC and ETH, but we lack MATIC comparison for our MATIC-based products. With this addition, we can add MATIC as a benchmark to determine the relative performance of our products. This will give us a complete picture of how our products are performing and help us make more informed decisions about product development and marketing. We believe this addition will be a valuable tool for our team and provide us with valuable insights into the performance of our products.

Date Change on Charts — September 1st

One of the challenges when investing in crypto markets is trying to time the market. Often, investors will use short time frames to make decisions, leading to sub-optimal outcomes. To better reflect the macro outperformance of our products, we will be changing our pricing charts to focus less on the short time frames and more on larger time frames. This means that our charts for 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, and 1 Year will be changed to 1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Months and Max, or 1 Day, 3 Month, 1 Year, and Max for those with more available pricing data. By doing this, we hope to provide our clients with a better understanding of how our products can perform over the long term.

Active + Recent Trade Tracker — September 1st

Adding a visual overlay to our price charts will help users see when our strategies entered and exited trades and how successful they were. This chart view and paginated view of recent trades will allow users to understand and track our automated products’ progress quickly. This is an essential tool for anyone using our products, as it will help them make informed decisions about when we entered or exited a trade. With this addition, users can see at a glance whether our automated products are in or out of the market and how successful they have been.

Backend Rewrite — September 15th

Our current database is not scalable and does not permit data ingestion of different types. This limits the kinds of features we can offer in our other apps. Additionally, generating prices and charts take a long time, which slows down the user experience. Our new database will be much more scalable and allow us to ingest data of any type. This will give us more data to work with and will allow us to offer more features in our other apps. Additionally, it will make prices and charts quickly available, improving the user experience. The new database will be a month-long process to rewrite, but it will be worth it for the improved performance and capabilities.

Desktop Notifications — September 15th

With this new Desktop Notification feature, you can be notified when trades on your invested products occur and when your transactions are sent and confirmed. This will provide a more intuitive experience when interacting with our products and following along with their actions. We believe this will be a valuable addition for our users and increase user engagement and retention, and we’re excited to see how it enhances their experience with our products.

Landing Page Table Redesign — September 15th

Our table redesign offers potential investors more relevant information while providing a quick and easy way to discover new products. The table will now include the performance of our products across the 1-day, 1-month, and 3-month time frame, whether the product is in or out of a trade, the risk level of the product, a micro chart, and then the buy function. Additionally, we are adding an informational popup about each product so that you can learn about them at a glance. We are dropping the price of the product and the ticker from the current table as they are not relevant to product discovery which is the purpose of this page. Our redesigned table provides all the information necessary to make informed investment decisions without sacrificing ease of use.

Portfolio Building Tool — After These 6 Weeks

We will design a portfolio builder tool as part of our 6-week development roadmap. This Robo-advisor function will be automated and manual, based on your connected wallet holdings. We will recommend what products are right for you, and if you choose to answer a series of questions, we will fine-tune our suggested products for your specific goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. This portfolio-building tool will focus on the benefits of portfolio diversification, which can improve the risk metrics of a portfolio across market cycles. By using this tool, you will be able to construct a portfolio that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. In doing so, you can help to minimize your overall risk while still achieving your desired returns.

Adding this Robo-advisor layer is an exciting step in our journey to be a one-stop automated investment service provider. Since our dApp beta launch seven weeks ago, on June 7th, we have been polishing our base layer for these services. With new products set to launch in the coming weeks, we will be able to construct optimized portfolios that suit every investor’s needs. The Robo-advisor will add an extra layer of portfolio management on top of our existing automated investment service, making it even easier for investors to reach their financial goals. We are thrilled to offer this new service to our clients and believe that it will help us achieve our goal of becoming the leading provider of automated investment services.

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