New Features Released for Our dApp

Risk Levels, Active Trade Indicators, and Desktop Platform Updates

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4 min readAug 9, 2022

We’re excited to announce a series of new features for our dApp. Our goal has always been to make it easier for users to find the products they want, and with these new updates, we believe we’re taking another step in that direction.

In particular, we’ve added Active Trade indicators, which will show you which products are currently being traded and which are seeking entries. We’ve also added the risk profile metrics to our Desktop platform so that investors can view and understand the risk of each product more efficiently. And finally, we’re posting our change log every week so that you can stay up-to-date on all the latest changes.

We hope you enjoy these updates!

Active Trade Indicator

Our new active trade indicator is live on our product pages and in the overview table. This addition allows investors to track which of our investment products are actively in trades and which ones are in cash waiting for an opportunity.

The glowing green and yellow colors make it easy to understand if the product has underlying exposure to volatile crypto assets or is currently sitting in USDC.

This is just the beginning of our addition of platform notifications which allow investors to track when our products are rebalancing and changing their product constituents. By allowing investors to see this information, they can make more informed decisions about their investments. In turn, this will lead to more successful investment portfolios.

Product Risk Levels

Investors all have the same goal: to make money. But all investors have different tolerable paths to achieving that goal. Some investors are willing to take on more risk to potentially earn higher rewards, while others prefer to play it safe and avoid losses.

That’s why it’s essential to understand your risk tolerance before investing in anything. Once you know how much risk you’re comfortable with, you can match your investment expectations accordingly. If you’re a risk-seeking investor, you’ll probably be more interested in products with higher potential returns, even if those come with higher risks. On the other hand, if you’re risk-averse, you’ll want to stick to investments that are more likely to hold their value.

Our product pages now include risk levels for each investment, so you can easily find something that meets your needs. And soon, our overview page will also feature a risk filter, so you can sort by risk level and quickly find the suitable investment for you. Whether you’re looking for high-reward or low-risk, we can help you find the perfect match for your investment preference.

Change Log

We have made several changes to our Dapp in recent weeks to improve the user experience. Here is a complete list of those changes.

We are constantly striving to improve our Dapp, and we will continue to make changes in the future based on feedback from our users. If you have any suggestions for how we could further improve our Dapp, please let us know on Discord.

July 24th — 30th

  • Minor Fixes — 24th & 25th

Fixed some percent change and price miscalculations for some edge cases.

  • Began White-label Development

Most of this week was spent working on our new dynamic white-label systems. The skeletons for the different pages were fleshed out. The early version of the theming engine was completed, along with the ability to add custom products.

July 31st — August 6th

  • Added MATIC Comparison to dApp Charts — July 31st

Price charts on the SW dApp can now compare with MATIC and the usual ETH/BTC.

  • “In-trade” Indicators for dApp — August 1st — 4th

Products on the dApp indicate whether they’re actively in a trade or seeking appropriate trade conditions.

  • White-labels Achieve Feature-parity with dApp

This week saw the completion of most of the white label's features. The high-priority pages are now clean and responsive. A great deal of the custom theme is complete. Prices, charts, TokenSet positions/fees, and other information now load dynamically. Buying and selling functionality is ready to go. In many ways, the white labels are more stable and featureful than the SW dApp, so many of these improvements will be ported to the dApp in the coming weeks.

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