5 Questions to Choose the Right Investment

Determine Which Investment Products Are Best for You

#1 Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced investor?

  • Beginner — (1)
  • Intermediate — (2)
  • Advanced — (3)

Why this matters:

Understanding a user’s educational background and experience in financial markets can help us gauge whether simple or complex investments are better suited for them.

#2 What best describes your risk tolerance when investing in cryptocurrencies?

  • Conservative — (1)
  • Neutral — (2)
  • Aggressive — (3)

Why this matters:

An investor’s risk tolerance tells us their ability to handle the emotional side of investing that comes with drawdowns. Conservative investors seek to chase little drawdowns or take a little risk, while aggressive are willing to take on extra risk. Each side of the risk spectrum should expect different levels of returns, but a user should not go off the expected return.

#3 What is your investment goal for cryptocurrency?

  • Protect my wealth (safety) — (1)
  • Consistent, reliable income (income) — (2)
  • Maximize my capital growth (capital gains) — (3)

Why this matters:

When working with investments, it is crucial to establish the investment goal. This helps ensure that we match the right products with the right expectations. For example, if investors aim to protect their wealth, we will generally place them with safer investment options. On the other hand, if an investor’s goal is to maximize capital gains, we will put them with investment options that have the potential to perform very well but are also much riskier.

#4 What is your investment horizon for crypto assets?

  • Short-term (< 2 years) — (1)
  • Medium-term (2 - 4 Years) — (2)
  • Long-term ( > 4 years) — (3)

Why this matters:

When determining an investment horizon, you must consider the time frame you plan to cash out of your investment. Automated investment strategies often experience drawdowns that last several months, so a shorter investment horizon may not be ideal for these more volatile products. If you have a longer investment horizon, you may be recommended more advanced structured products that have proven to outperform the market over several market cycles. By aligning your investment horizon with the timeline for cashing out, you can help ensure a successful investment experience.

#5 What segments of crypto are you interested in?

  • Tried and true (Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.) — (1)
  • Up-and-coming (DeFi, NFTs, etc.) — (2)

Why this matters:

Regarding crypto assets, investors can choose from a few different segments. Some tried and true crypto assets, like Bitcoin, have been around for a while and have a proven track record. Then there are newer, riskier crypto assets, like NFTs and DeFi tokens, that are up-and-coming but may be more volatile. So which segment is right for you? That depends on your tolerance for risk and your investment goals.

Answer Key

When it comes to investing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each investor has its own unique goals and objectives and, as such, will require different products and services. However, most investors can be grouped into three categories: those with shorter investment horizons seeking less advanced products, those with longer investment horizons willing to take on more risk, and those in between.

Level 5 — 8

Level 9 — 10

Level 11 — 14

About This Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is essential to helping us fine-tune our Portfolio Builder tool. When we integrate it with our Robo-advisor layer, the goal is to provide personalized and custom portfolio suggestions that accurately reflect your needs as an investor. In the meantime, we hope you found this five-part quiz enjoyable and informative. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord. Thank you again for your time and input.

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Invest for a brighter tomorrow. Our automated, AI-based portfolios allow you to easily invest in crypto with the highest potential returns and lowest fees.

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Invest for a brighter tomorrow. Our automated, AI-based portfolios allow you to easily invest in crypto with the highest potential returns and lowest fees.